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51 Zara Close, Bundoora VIC, Australia

Guitar Lessons | Artist development, Theory Lessons, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering, APRA Member, Music Victoria Member, Endorsed by PRS Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing
  • Styles: Rock, Metal, Blues, Shred
  • Suitability: Beginner to Advanced, all ages


Get Your Guitar Wings

Do you feel stuck and like you’re hitting a wall with your guitar playing? Are you not playing as much as you intended to when you first got your awesome new guitar and it’s starting to gather dust in the corner of one of the rooms of your home?

I’ve been there too. It sucks.  I’ve been at points in my guitar playing journey over the past 22 years where I’ve felt so frustrated and pissed off with my playing that I’ve wanted to give up and quit or even worse, I’ve just tried to ignore my passion and desire to play guitar and music and buried it under excuses; work, family, bills, the lot. I put everything else first and the guitar turned into a chore, or something that I felt guilty about which wasn’t the intention of it at all.

I tried all those YouTube videos, online Guitar Tabs, I’d even had teachers in the past who would sit me down and teach me scales and songs out of guitar books in group lessons at school but the guitar never clicked for me and I kept feeling like I was hitting walls and never truly breaking through. Inside I was desperate, I loved music so much but I felt like I was going to have to quit unless things changed FAST.

Then everything turned around on this one cold winters day. I rocked up to a group guitar class at school, feeling my usual frustration and anxiety at what was to come but little did I know how much things were about to change for me.

A cold had swept through the school and everyone was sick that day in my music class, even the teacher.

A substitute teacher had to fill the spot of my usual teacher that day and for once it was just me and the teacher, 1-on-1 together, I had nowhere to hide! Oh no!!!

A little intimidated, I said “I’m usually the worst one in the group”. I think he knew what was going on and could sense my nervousness and what I was going through with the guitar. He smiled at me and said “well, lets change that then!”

I instantly relaxed and felt better. What a relief! “Ok! I’d love that” I said to him.

He picked up the teacher’s book, looked at the last couple of lessons that the teacher had been teaching us, took a deep breathe and to my shock, threw my usual teachers notes over his shoulder onto the floor and turned to me and asked me the most powerful question of my whole guitar playing journey to this day….

 “What music do you actually love to listen to Cam?”

And that was the moment where everything turned around for me. He taught me my favourite song, Master of Puppets by Metallica. WOAH! This was awesome. Then he taught me my first scale and we actually jammed together. He opened up the guitar to me and it suddenly became this vast amazing and beautiful hidden land to explore, where anything was possible!

We lost track of time and we didn’t even hear the lunch time bell go as he was showing me how to improvise, create and play what I wanted to play on the guitar. This was awesome!!!

What the hell was this?! Guitar was something that had become a chore, a pain, a frustration for me, now I had this incredible feeling like I was literally Superman and had just learned to fly!!!

As soon as school finished I literally ran home, a good 2 or 3 kms with my guitar on my back. I rushed in the door of my home, went straight to my room, plugged in the guitar and played for hours!!!! I was in love with it again! I felt the same excitement, passion, and energy I felt when I first got my guitar from the store. YES! Heaven!

And it kept getting better from that point. That moment for me was the most powerful moment of my journey learning the guitar. Now with over 22 years of playing under my belt, being lucky enough to release multiple records and tour Australia and Japan and have fans all over the world, I have developed a method that helps you get to where you want to get to on the guitar and have the same “OMG I’m flying” experience I had on that fateful day.

Imagine what it would feel like to have that turnaround with your guitar playing? Imagine if you could experience such a strong breakthrough that you continue to play for the rest of your life just like me.

Thats the gift I was given, and thats what I want to pass on to all of my students and as many people as possible because we all know how awesome and important music is. Its just being able to navigate the challenges of it and the best way to do that is with someone who has been there, someone you can trust and count on to show you the way and help make it happen.

If this sounds like something you want to create for yourself, click the button below to contact me. I’ll then personally give you a quick 10 min chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other, no obligations.

If I think we are a fit, and I have room in my schedule, we’ll look at getting you on for a free trial lesson, because I want you to feel so awesome about learning the guitar with me, that we make the commitment long term to achieving your goals and having music and guitar playing be a thing you do for the rest of your life.

Remember, your guitar turnaround is only a moment away…

Contact me today and let’s make you a Guitar Hero

Teaching Info

Cam customises the material taught to you with a relaxed, casual and fun teaching approach to suit all styles and all ages.

Cam is a rock and metal artist himself so this is his specialty but is a well versed guitarist in all styles and will accomodate your personal style, needs and goals to create a plan to help you achieve your playing goals.

Here’s what my clients say:

“I tried to teach myself guitar from online tabs for over 15 years whilst growing up. It wasn’t until COVID isolation that I decided to take the plunge and commit to online lessons.

Within 4 lessons with Cam I’ve learnt a phenomenal amount of technique that I never even knew existed. Cam’s approachable and light hearted manner has made it so easy for me to take my guitar to a new level. His knowledge of this instrument blows my mind and his ability to adapt to anything that I request to learn is admirable.

I can tell that Cam is dedicated to my learning with the effort he puts in behind the scenes. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough for people who are looking to learn. “

-Drew (Melbourne, Australia)

Cam is a patient teacher that really enjoys helping others learn guitar playing. He takes the time to get a feel of the music I listen to so I can learn those songs and help me with them. Super easy to talk to as a person as well.

I think Cam has a real passion for helping people be better guitar players!!

-Rob (Atlanta, USA)

“I have been performing in bands for several years, but had definitely hit a ceiling with my playing style. After tracking my band’s latest EP – Tides Collide – the producer suggested for me to add more attack on my right hand picking. I was definitely looking for a guitar teacher who could break down metal guitar techniques in a simple and fun way, and my experience with Cam has been amazing in that regard.

Jumping online for guitar lessons was really smooth with Cam. Cam made things clear and easy to understand. And as I practiced his guitar exercises weekly, I noticed a sense of mindfulness I had not had in years. Cam really knows how to take things slow for each learner, whilst also providing a sense of challenge with his guitar teaching. This sense of ‘knowing where you are’ and ‘knowing where you need to go’ really helped me understand what I need to achieve as a guitar player. I’m grateful I can call him my guitar teacher and appreciate his level of care with all that he does.”

-Justin (Melbourne, Australia)

“Cam is an excellent teacher. Very patient, friendly and really listens to what the students goals are. Plus he’s a great player!”

-Keith (Atlanta, USA)

“Cam has a real knack for teaching – very happy with the structure, personal touch, thoughts and planning that goes into my development and the pro attitude.

Thanks again for all your efforts over the past few months as it has really given me a solid foundation on the guitar.”

-Ruslan (Melbourne, Australia)


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