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Erin Kennedy – Vocal and Acting Coach

Erin Kennedy – Vocal and Acting Coach

South Yarra

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Drama Lessons, VCE Music Exam Preparation

  • Qualifications: BA (Music Theatre), Cert IV Performing Arts
  • Pricing: $70/hour
  • Styles: Music Theatre, Pop, Rock, jazz and basic classical repertoire, acting and audition preparation, artistic development
  • Suitability: I teach beginners through to working professionals, and take students from age 12 and over


Erin has been immersed in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. She teaches from her home in South Yarra, and at several performing arts schools across Melbourne. She has a vast range of teaching experience, from children age five through to adult, and from absolute beginners through to working professionals.

As a professional in the music theatre industry, Erin has the knowledge and experience to help you take your performance career to the next level. With her professional students she teaches advanced vocal technique, refines performance skills and audition preparation. Contact her to find out if you’re a good fit or have a look at her website for more information.


Teaching Info

Our first lesson is about seeing whether we’re a good fit. We chat about your previous vocal or acting experience, what your goals are and develop a plan to get you there. If you want to sing for fun and sound better at karaoke, great! If you want to be a lead on the main stages of Australia, lets set that goal.

We do a warmup, some exercises and then I’ll hear you sing something you’ve sung before. We have a chat about where I think we need to go from there, and then we choose a song to start looking at.

I vary my teaching style depending on your goals. I play some piano but also work with backing tracks a lot (they’re much better than they used to be!) and I can pay more attention to your singing.

I also look a little bit at the psychology of singing, especially if you’re wanting to work professionally but find you have mental blocks or performance anxiety. My goal is to give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

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