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Green Tree Music

Green Tree Music

100 Hodgkinson Street, Clifton Hill VIC, Australia

Guitar Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons, Ukulele Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music Performance (Monash University), 3+ years teaching experience in music studios, primary schools and secondary schools
  • Pricing: Group Lessons $25/30min
  • Styles: Introductory Composed and Improvised Music (Pop, Jazz, Classical)
  • Suitability: Beginner/Intermediate, approximately 6-12yo.


Collaborative and motivating music lessons for primary school kids, based in Clifton Hill. Group lessons on keyboard, guitar, and ukulele.

Green Tree Music is an organisation dedicated to creating a collaborative and community-focused environment for the musical education of primary school-aged children.

We believe that children flourish as musicians when they are given the right resources, guidance and encouragement in an environment that allows them to develop their own unique musical identity – just like a seed requires the right ecosystem to grow into a majestic tree.

That’s why our top priority is delivering group music lessons across multiple instruments in one space, allowing for ease of collaboration between teachers and students, rather than traditional one-on-one lessons.

– Instrumental music tuition from passionate and empathetic teachers.
– Students have the opportunity to learn and play music with other children, which provides a unique social experience.
– Students participate in hands-on activities, such as drawing and writing, to help visualise their learning.
– Students learn practice strategies that can be applied independently outside of the lesson.
– Resources and guides are made available to parents so that they may assist their child’s learning, even if they have no musical experience.

Teaching Info

We prioritise group lessons because it allows students to interact with each other and learn together, rather than learning by themselves. In this setting, teachers can encourage students to work together to answer questions or create music. Teachers can also encourage students to listen to others in the group, learning from multiple perspectives rather than just their own.

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