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Guitar Players Edge

Guitar Players Edge

169-171 Princes Highway, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia

Guitar Lessons | Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, VCE Music Exam Preparation

  • Qualifications: B.Mus (Performance) (Box Hill Institute)
  • Pricing: Please contact for pricing
  • Styles: Variety of different styles & techniques
  • Suitability: 8 and older, beginners and beyond!


Simon (known to many as ‘Simmo’) Edgell has a deep passion for music and has found his voice being expressed via the guitar for over 15 years. He constantly strives for excellence as a guitarist and ultimately as a better musician with every day that passes.

Growing up in regional New South Wales and making a move to Melbourne, Victoria as a young adult, it was clear from his years as a teen and even now that he has associated his life to living, breathing and consuming music via his love for the guitar.
His move to Melbourne was largely motivated in his pursuit to complete a Bachelor Of Music (Performance) at BHI. From here he has been presented with opportunities playing in all sorts of different bands and lineups in some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues and in venues overseas. Most notably places such as The Corner Hotel and The Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne, to Showcases at SIR Studios in Los Angeles. Certainly not to forget a 4 year long monthly residency at Melbourne’s fine dining attraction Vue De Monde located in Melbourne city’s Rialto Towers.

Simon has experience as a teacher from his time in NSW up until the present and has always endeavoured to excel his students as a teacher, trainer, coach and mentor regardless of their current skill levels / abilities, to reach their desired musical and guitar playing goals.

He has an emphasis on not only teaching guitar but also helping his students understand the value of being a musician, in whatever capacity that may translate to, in their personal aspirations.

During his time studying for his Ba. Mus (Perf) he was privileged to study under some of Melbourne’s finest teachers, mentors and guitarists including (and not limited to) Ronnie Peers, Mario Lattuada and Robert Bratetich.

Currently, Simon is still looking to improve his craft, skills and knowledge as a guitar player and (for over 5 years now) attends annual self development and guitar training events in Chicago USA featuring some of the worlds best guitar teachers with THMC.

Whether it be anything from Jazz standards right through to the Hard & Heavy stylings of Rock/Prog & Fusion (and everything in between!), Simon has a large scope and understanding of the guitar and it’s place in a variety of settings. Through his own experiences he has loved and appreciated all the sensitivities and characteristics music has imparted onto him and is always happy playing in circumstances of them all.

Simon is the head teacher and owner of Guitar Players Edge.

Teaching Info

Lessons are taught in groups (or VERY limited one-on-one instances) and are designed around the students’ guitar playing/musical goals, aspirations and interests. Resources used will vary from printed materials, musical examples, videos and more. My goal as your teacher is to make the lessons challenging yet enjoyable but also a fun and engaging environment for you and your fellow group attendees. All of this will be conducted whilst students feel comfortable, confident and supported during classes. I feel great joy from seeing my students learn and progress even if it’s just the smallest amount of improvement, so expect enthusiasm and praise throughout your journey for your hard work. Our classroom features headphone capabilities for electric guitars for isolated and quiet practice which allows students to work in their own space but of course, cater for acoustic guitars too. We also have a very functional, modern and accommodating classroom.

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