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Lisa Perks (Epiphany Vocal Studio)

Lisa Perks (Epiphany Vocal Studio)

Black Rock VIC, Australia

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: BA Hons Music
  • Pricing: 100-130per hour
  • Styles: Jazz, Pop, Blues, Music Theatre, Rock - all contemporary!
  • Suitability: 16 - 100


Epiphany Vocal Studio exists to help singers unleash their voice “shamelessly”

Lessons are available online and in person.

– 20 years teaching

– Speech Level Singing

– Somatic Voicework

– CoreSinging

– Performance Coaching

– Mindset Coach

I work with professional and emerging artists and believe that everyone has the right to sing.

Healthy vocal technique, healthy mindset = healthy singers.

Here are some of my “Real Epiphanies”

“I have to be honest; I’m not big on “formal voice training”, however, in the midst of a theatre production when I found myself struggling with an ongoing sore throat, someone suggested I might be able to pick up a few ‘technique’ tips from Lisa Perks. Three lessons later, I’d discovered a brand new octave and a new comfort with my high range that I didn’t even know existed. Not bad, huh!”

– Claire Bowditch

“Lisa is an incredible singing teacher! Her knowledge of the human voice, her caring and expertise helps you bring out your best. That’s why I have been learning from her for more than 10 years. We’ve made a lot of progress and that allows me to preserve my voice and sing easily.”

– Kane Alexander

“In only a few months I have a totally new relationship with my voice! I use to feel trapped by my vocal capabilities. Since working with Lisa every session brings a breakthrough moment, leaving me with practical tools to use and helpful mentalities to adopt to singing freely and from the heart!”

– Rahel Phillips

Teaching Info


Our first session allows me to assess the condition of your voice and how YOU are feeling about your voice. I am here to help you determine the best path for you. I will spend time listening and assessing.

Lessons are built around the requirements of the student. In 20 years of teaching I’ve worked with a diverse group of singers of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

Problems with range, pitch, breath, creative block, stamina, confidence, mindset are just a few of the issues I can help with.

“Everyone has the right to sing”


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