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Melbourne Guitar Academy – Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

Melbourne Guitar Academy – Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

80 Raleigh Street, Essendon VIC, Australia

Guitar Lessons | Piano Lessons, Singing Lessons | Artist development, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, VCE Music Exam Preparation, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music Performance
  • Pricing: $50 per 60m lesson
  • Styles: Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Pop/Top 40, Acoustic
  • Suitability: Ages 5 to Adult


Melbourne Guitar Academy is the #1 Provider of Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

We help Everyday People become Confident Guitar Players.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started with guitar for the first time or an experienced player looking to get to the next level, we’ll help you with a personalised lesson plan that will transform you from the player you are now into the player you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

At Melbourne Guitar Academy you get:

  • a FREE Introduction & Evaluation Session (valued at $80) where we assess your current level of guitar playing and identify your three biggest challenges before giving you exercises to help you overcome them. Then we talk about your guitar playing goals and map out a personalised 12-week plan of attack to help you achieve them.  Of course, if you’re a total beginner we take you through our Beginner Guitar Bootcamp course and get you started learning guitar the right way
  • A personalised 12-week learning plan that breaks down your guitar playing goals into the easiest ‘next step’ so that you always know what to work on next and can avoid the frustration of having to self-teach from the internet.
  • Effective Learning Techniques (or as we call them ‘Guitar Hacks’) so you can save time learning and reinvest that time into playing and having fun.
  • Efficient Practice Techniques so that you can make more progress in less time and make rapid progress on your instrument.
  • Access To Melbourne’s Best Guitar Teachers – all of our teachers are trained using our Melbourne Guitar Academy method so you get to learn the secrets of the pros directly from the pros!
  • Access To Our Guitar Ninjas Program – Imagine how much more fun you’ll have when you earn a new coloured guitar strap every time you level up! One day you’ll command respect as a Black Belt Level Guitar Ninja Master!
  • Access To Over 900 Videos in our Guitar Dojo Online Platform – Learn at your own pace and accelerate ahead with 24/7 access to videos and course material to solve every guitar-playing problem and accompany every lesson.
  • Performance Opportunities – Make your dreams of playing on stage a reality with our quarterly student concerts.
  • Jam Nights – Experience the joy of playing music with others and get together with other guitar players, pianists, bassists, singers and drummers to rock out and play through songs at our monthly Jam Nights.

If you’re looking for  Guitar Lessons In Melbourne and want to find out what the Melbourne Guitar Academy difference is that is turning children in guitar prodigies and average Joes into guitar-shredding pro’s then book a FREE trial lesson now!

Teaching Info

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we understand that music is very personal and that everyone has different goals. For this reason, we like to conduct a short survey with all prospective students so that we can get a better understanding of what your goals are and what you’re looking for in a guitar lesson program before making a recommendation.

You can submit an inquiry and book a free guitar lesson at our website via the contact form.

Having said that here is a general overview of our programs on offer:


Adult Beginner Guitar Lessons
Learn Guitar The Right Way with our Adult Beginner Guitar Lesson program. Suitable for adults who want to strum along to their favourite songs, jam along with riffs and learn to play the guitar in the shortest time possible!


Adults Specialist Guitar Lessons
So you can play a few songs…now what? Once you get the basics down you can choose a specialist learning program. Choose between Contemporary Electric or Acoustic Guitar or dive right into your favourite genres with our Blues Guitar, Hard Rock/Metal Shred and Jazz/Improvisation streams. Take your playing to the next level and become a Guitar God!


Junior Jammers (8-12)
Say goodbye to boring music lessons, we’re training the Rock Stars of the future! Our kids guitar lesson programs are fun, interactive and engaging and combine the high energy of martial arts with the level-up system in video games with our Guitar Ninjas Program. Students advance through 9 levels as they learn the essential skills, concepts and techniques needed to play guitar within a contemporary pop & rock style.


Teen Titans Guitar Program
Music is an important part of every teenager’s life and is integral to their identity. We like to nurture their new budding love for music and help nurture their talent for music. Students will progress through our guitar ninjas program with additional opportunities for performing and ensemble playing reflective of the real-life music industry they can soon be a part of.


Little Ninjas (5-7)
a specialised program for younger learners that focuses on essential skills needed to play along with music and have fun straight away. Students will build and nurture a love and appreciation for music along with practical skills in a high-energy and instantly engaging learning environment.

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