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Onur Puza

Onur Puza

101 Victoria Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia 10 Ventnor Street, Preston VIC, Australia

Guitar Lessons | Ukulele Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, VCE Music Exam Preparation, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: Master of Arts
  • Pricing: 60 min face-to-face/online session $80, 30 mins for kids $50
  • Styles: Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Progressive metal, Pop, Classical, Technical playing, Finger picking
  • Suitability: All ages and levels


Onur is a a Melbourne based guitar player, composer, arranger and teacher with around 30 years of experience as a guitar player and an educator. He performed extensively on TV shows, music festivals, toured Europe and recorded with many diverse artists in various styles such as Howard Curtis, Ted Piltzecker, Doug Richards, Philip Rex, Felix Bloxsom, Robert Vince

He has a teaching background in jazz department of Yasar University/Izmir as a department coordinator, leading Jazz ensemble classes, theory classes and guitar lessons intensively, His reorganised his syllabus and change methodology for each student according their ability, learning behaviours and goals. Depends on your need lessons will be involved with theory, technique, improvising, developing repertoire and applying your material to music.

Some student reviews,

Max Crosby-

Onur Puza has been of a great positive influence on my endeavours on guitar. Our first lesson was met with immediate enthusiasm and a genuine willingness to guide me in my pursuit of jazz guitar. I can say without a doubt that my knowledge of guitar has improved exponentially since I first started studying with him last year during lockdown via zoom.

Onur cleverly and cautiously plans each lesson in such a way that is fresh and challenging, yet his continued positivity and innovative approach to guitar makes such hurdles an easy tackle. I implore anyone looking to study guitar at whatever level to study with Onur as he has been one of the most positive and inspiring influences for me on my music journey”.

Adam Sullivan-

“Onur has a deep understanding of technique and theory… and more importantly how they should be combined and applied. Our son has improved vastly since studying with Onur in both his comprehension and his technical ability.

We highly recommend him to anyone interested in either beginning their journey or advancing their current proficiency”.

Nic Burkhardt-

I have been taking weekly lessons with Onur for a little over a year now. I am a mature age student and was not much more advanced than a beginner when I commenced lessons. I feel that with me, Onur tailored his teaching approach to take into account my age and relatively limited musical experience. The result is that I have not just maintained the momentum that initially brought me to him, my enthusiasm has in fact increased exponentially  I find myself practising every day and craving even more time to practise. 

I can see that if I continue to follow his guidance, I can reach a level over the next couple of years where I will have attained sufficient chops to be playing in public and enjoying serious jamming.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to students who feel they may be at a similar stage to where I was at or I am at now”.e

Teaching Info

   – Teaching at his own private lesson studio in Fitzroy
   – Well prepared and organised individual syllabus for all levels of students
   – Unique methods to learn scales, arpeggios, modes, chords and harmony
   – Applying your exercises to learn songs in various genre, improvising and song writing
   – Practicing technique of various styles at all skill levels
   – 20 years of experience in jazz education, advanced level playing and improvising lessons
   – Unique teaching material prepared and collected after many years of experience.
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