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Vėę Göke – Vocal Empowering Program

Vėę Göke – Vocal Empowering Program

60 Old Coach Road, The Basin VIC, Australia

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Music And Movement For Under Fives, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: certified Breathing, speech and voice therapist and teacher
  • Pricing: $110 per hour 1 on 1 session or choose the vocal empowering program (also available: group coaching)
  • Styles: all genres with the concept of Clara Schlaffhorst and Hedwig Andersen (for a healthy and powerful voice for each genre)
  • Suitability: 4-100


 Hello beloved known and unknown friends,

I am Vėę Göke from S.T.A.R.K. – the Power of Breathing, who offers the >>Vocal Empowering Program<<.

My studies and education of the voice started in early stages of my life.
Continued with performances, vocal coaching and finally my 3 years education of breathing, speech and voice therapy.

This unique education is just taught in Germany which is orientated on holistic and health techniques to achieve exactly the sound of voice, which the client wants to express, but in a regenerative way.

During the last 4 years of traveling through several countries has this 100-year-old wisdom been spread and embodied on stage, group sessions and 1 on 1 sessions.

Followed with a training to a Reiki practitioner I can say that my teaching is working on multiple levels of the human being, and I am happy to share it now in Australia, as well through online coaching around the world.

 These days I have extended my life with the “Vocal empowering program” and performances on festivals and other events.
>>>My whole life I was guided by music. Searching for myself in it I realized that music can be like a massive trip where you give over your body to the concessions and let yourself be used as a medium to channel whatever energy has to be released. To feel and vocalize this unattached power of the respiration let me realize again how healing vibrations of sounds are. This is my inspiration as a healer, to show as many seekers as possible a way to experience a part in themselves which needs to be set free and a new space created for growth.<<<

Teaching Info

>This Vocal Empowering Program is for vocal inspired humans who want to find support to heal their blockages to find their natural voice and to unleash its power.<


Start from wherever you are at, to find your power of your natural voice.

Option of coaching: Group coaching, 1 on 1 sessions, online or in person

With cognitive knowledge and exercises from the 100+ year-old unique
concept of Clara Schlaffhorst and Hedwig Andersen from Germany.
Learn step by step how your body, breath and voice works.
To experience a holistic understanding of yourself and feel the power
of your natural voice in relationship with your surroundings.

Understanding your breath and voice holistically, to become
independent with your singing.
Experiencing the power of your natural being.
Expanding your comfort zone through stepping out of your centre.
Gaining inner strength through self-reflection, acceptance and
>Finally, discover your most powerful being through balance and nature,
without effort, because you are already there.<

You can choose just the vocal coaching sessions, or the 13 weeks vocal empowering program, in which you would receive each week an introduction into the weeks’ session, 1 hour of vocal coaching, 1 holistic exercise, 1 vocal warm up exercise.


I am looking forward hearing from you.

Let me know if you need any further questions!


Warm regards,

Vėę Göke

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