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  • Qualifications: BA Music education & DIPLOMA OF EDUCATION
  • Pricing: RANGING FROM $35 to $80 per private 30 minute lesson.
  • Styles: Teaching all contemporary genres and styles of singing
  • Suitability: Beginners to professionals. Children to seniors.



VSA has been developing singers since 1993! 

Teaching beginners to professionals, adults & children, guaranteeing singing results in 3 weeks if you practice most days or your money back. Private face-to-face in studio & online lessons. Improve confidence, range, breathing, pitch, tone, stamina, strength, technique, control, stage presentation & Much More!

Past & present clients with major label recording & performance contracts. 

Vox singing academy has 8 studios conveniently located around Melbourne at Brunswick, St Kilda, Carnegie, Moorabbin, Dandenong, Bayswater, Cheltenham and Melbourne CBD.

Start developing a voice you’re always wanted! Offering online singing lessons around the world. Group singing lessons. Intensive vocal training.

Teaching Info

Private classes guarantee you the highest-quality singing tuition possible taught by our consummate professional singing teachers.
Greatly improve your vocal tone, confidence, vocal range, breathing, pitch, stamina, strength, technique, control, harmonies, vocal health, stage presentation and much more! Beginners to professionals, all ages, covering all genres of contemporary singing.

Sing The Songs You Want To Sing, Not The Songs Your Teacher Wants You To Sing.

Most singing schools and teachers want you to sing songs in their favourite genre or songs they are familiar with, NOT AT VSA!

All VSA students have full control over the genre and songs they choose to sing as long as the songs are in a suitable key for the students’ voice, vocal ability and can be sung with good technique and in a healthy manner.

VSA singing teachers will apply the techniques that you have learnt from your customised vocal scales work out directly into your songs. This is very similar, for instance for a football player who will directly apply the skills they learn during training sessions into the game on match day!

Your teacher will provide you with detailed instruction and notes to greatly help and guide you while you are practising away from class. These notes will be written on your lyrical sheet for the desired song, so you can follow our teachers’ instruction. At the teachers’ request, you will be required to bring your song choice back the following week to be reviewed by the teacher.

This is where you/we will see improvement if you have diligently practised and followed the instruction and notes documented on your lyric sheet by your teacher.

Singing lessons with VSA range from $35 to $80 per half an hour private singing lesson depending on the experience of the teacher.

Your Scales Workout

As a part of our vocal coaching and training, scales are an essential part of improving and strengthening your voice and vocal skills. Since 1993 VSA has carefully developed thousands of vocal singing scales that we guarantee will improve your voice if practice regularly and correctly. We understand that a one size fits all approach does not work as every singer is an individual and every singer is at a different skill level. Each singer and musical genre requires a different approach as does every voice.

All scales and duration of practice time are customised and tailored for every student’s personal needs, range, ability and music genre.

You will also learn pitch and ear training development exercises to ensure you are singing the right notes all the time.

Correct Breathing

Correct diaphragmatic support and breathing exercises will be given to all students. Your diaphragm is the engine room when singing. All your power, strength, projection, holding, support, vibrato, stamina and control ALL comes with proper diaphragmatic support and breathing. VSA will teach you how to correctly use your diaphragm for the maximum vocal benefit.

We will also work on V.B.C. (Vocal Breath Control) which is an advanced breathing technique invented by owner and director Peter Vox himself.

As you learn how to breathe properly through the diaphragm and abdominal area (The ‘V’ in the ribs), this breathing technique will enable you to control your vocal power as well as give you vocal strength and stamina to fully support every note you sing.
Breathing is a very important and essential part to a great singer.

Vocal Coaching

A Vocal Coach’s job or any coach for that matter is to keep you accountable. You will be reporting back to your teacher weekly regarding your singing and career progress. Also covering all aspects of vocal health and wellbeing. This will include your physical health, exercise regime, general health and diet. He will also include advice regarding performance stress, anxiety issues, voice and general anatomy, touring schedules and vocal regimes when touring, song choice and key preference, gig preparation and much much more!
Areas covered:
▪ Career guidance
▪ Goal setting
▪ Correct vocal warmups and cool downs.
▪ Live performance coaching. You
▪ Vocal & physical health.
▪ Vocal does and don’ts.
▪ Audition preparation.
▪ Microphone technique. (Live and recording studio)
▪ Stage presentation and crowd interaction.
▪ Overcoming performance anxiety, stage fright and nerves.
▪ Vocal coaching for extended periods of touring, performing and recording.
▪ Motivation and life coaching.
▪ Songwriting, structure & musicianship.
▪ Music business and industry advice.
▪ Exam preparation



VSA’s Online Singing Lessons are conducted in the same fashion and provide you with exactly the same quality and service as you would receive in a 1 on 1 in studio lesson. Your online singing lesson can be held anywhere, any time with good Wi­Fi or Internet connection on Zoom or Skype.
The perfect solution if you live a remote area, are travelling, touring or have transport problems and want to improve your singing fast.
Guaranteeing that you will hear & feel a vast improvement in your confidence, strength, tone, breathing, pitch & overall singing in just 3 weeks if you practice most days.

Online Singing lessons with VSA range from $35 to $65 Australian dollars per half an hour private singing lesson depending on the experience of the teacher.